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 Art Donations, sponsorship, sponsor a suitable source.Dance of Association of the economic difficulties gibuin, donations, sponsors a suitable source - dance Association of Korea

sponsorship, ArtDonations, a suitable source.Dance of Association of the economic difficulties gibuin, donations, sponsors a suitable source - dance Association of Korea (four)

Dancers and the dancers are dying.

Art lovers are eagerly waiting for someone.

Association supporters, seeking volunteers.
Hello.  Dance Association is only songchiman Korea.

Dance Association of Korea and 45 local chapters nationwide and more than dozen times in 11 years 800 free arts performances and volunteer to help the teenagers, the Ministry of Justice, prisons, and for those who have worked hard to dopgideung leukemia.


Association operations is too harsh realities.

Association seeking someone to help us to operate.

Contributions, donations, government support and sponsor, the Association chairman, consultant, director seeking.

Donations and sponsorship money, and help give people the freedom of association and certificate of appreciation and plaque jeungjeong

When you want to participate in the conduct of the Association Education Director and each department will grant a certificate.

If you transfer the money to raise, please. Even a small qualitative strength of culture and art will be.

- Individuals, businesses, government, culture and art of loving all people and eagerly wait for assistance.

Agora Please participate in the recommendation and signature. (Click below)

Jazz Dance Association ---------< Korea (four) songchiman compensation >---------

Download application form:

2010 is the era of globalization. Arts and culture of the country is a great history and future of the resources.

Public sector and social services ranging from national interests and welfare of marginalized groups and levels of government and corporate support from many people love and affection is to create a cultural powerhouse.

The weapon of the future of our country, culture, art, physical education and to train talents of the leading global internationalization of the protagonists in the national interest to change the world such as educational institutions and professional, will create a leading expert cheneungin.

Jazz Dance Association of Korea (four) songchiman president of the SBS legendary dancer & HCN culture and arts schools selected artists, munhwangyesuljeonryakga, 4-year practical teaching dance and Seoul, Graduate School of Science and General Arts and Cultural Management in MBA PhD to go to open the horizons of the future The protagonist is.

Metro was the first concert in Korea in 1999, 11 years dozen times in 800 domestic and national arts and cultural performances, and subway service, the airport, the Ministry of Justice and government agencies, businesses, along with concert dance, dance, musical, sports, Arts and Physical Education certification areas issued the first inventor , is recognized by certification authorities, 45 national chapters seek to diversify educational management, international dance, Dance, Arts and Physical Education at the same time to receive certification in the field of education in the field of culture and art forms the cornerstone of the Jazz Dance Association of Korea (four ) is.

Trust and love for the global competition continues to drive international idols to be the cornerstone for the future and the Association of International University of Art and help build support for the government and gibuin, supporters, businessmen and individuals to our guests.

--- "Association field bolting> ---
- Munhwayesulgeum support and private sponsorship to fund the government, she wants to donate.
- Subscription details - tax return deductions and tax accounting
- She wants to invest in life
- Do you love arts and truly cherish every minute

- Chairman - 00 people
- That the doors - 00 people
- Honorary president - 00 people
- Association Vice President - 00 people
- 24-10 gaebunya twenty-four recruitment (International Office, Entertainment, gongyeonbu, Education, marketing, etc.)

Gibuin: storage form of appreciation and contribution form association

Procedure: 1. Come and delivery system.
               2. Forward way to account, telephone banking and internet banking.
               3. Way to the bank account transfer.
               4. Luggage and other real estate, personal contribution to the delivery system.
               5. Anonymous way forward.
Internet bulletin: donors and donations using the Internet bulletin issued annual reports and newsletters, membership handbook, and the issuance of notice issued VS bearer, and if you do not want to deal with life.

--------------------------------------- --------- Business Plan -------
- Social Enterprise (Korea KJDA dance, musical, performance troupes established)
- Korea Dance Foundation
- Prison and the senior center, performing community service alienation
- Underprivileged youths free college education scholarship fund
- Lou Gehrig established hospital fundraising
- Helping children with leukemia mogeup
- Each local hard dance, dance school, Center for Business Support and Funding
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

And the true meaning of a lot of people eager to join please.

Love and peace may take off all the dreams of culture and art

inheritance claim application form
Swift Transfer


Surname ..... song .. othername (s) ...... chi man

Residential address ........... Gangnam - gu, Seoul 416-6, f1

occupation .. Professor, president, choreographer

marital status ... Married (married)

tel ... 82-2-882-7893

fax ... 82-2-882-7883

hp: 010-4650-7882


Name: song chi man
Phone: 82-2-882-7883
e-mail :
Account: nonghyup
number : 356-0646-5994-83
home-Address: Gangnam - gu, Seoul korea, 416-6. f1

Bank Name ... nonghyup

5-dong, Seoul Gwanak-gu, Sillim 1425-15 bungee type Bank Address ...
4125-15. shillim5dong kwanark-ku seoul korea

Branch Number .. 82-2-874-5885
    seoul korea 874-5885

Swift Code .. 011

ABA Routing .. Bank deposit

Account Number ... 356-0646-5994-83

Account Name ... chi man, song, kwanarknonghyup

Contact: 02-882-7883

Cell Phone: 010-4650-7882

Cooperation and partnership groups

Tap Association Korea

Free Job japkeolcheo Arts     SCMEntertainment

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